New To Plastic Welding? Some Tips You Should Find Helpful

Plastic welding is welding pieces of plastic together and is an advanced welding technique. If you want to learn this type of welding, you should get some type of training. This will ensure you learn how to do this properly so you can get a great job. Below are some tips that you should find helpful that will go along well with your training.

Information about Plastic Welding

With plastic welding, each piece of plastic has to be the same type.  For example, you could not weld polypropylene and polyethylene together. If you do this they will not join correctly because they each have a different molecular structure and each piece will melt differently.

Thermoplastic materials are often used in plastic welding because it melts when heated so it is easy to join the pieces of plastic together. When finished welding, the pieces are very strong and durable.

When you start learning about plastic welding, there are three steps: pressing the plastic, heating the plastic, and cooling the plastic. Pressure is used during the heating and the cooling stages to keep the pieces of plastics in the right orientation. During the heating stage, each piece of plastic fuses together and during the cooling stage it solidifies the bond. The cooling stage is one of the most important parts of the process because if it is not done correctly, the bond would not be strong.

Plastic Welding Techniques

There are many different types of techniques that are used with this type of welding including:

Extruded Bead Sealing

With this type, heat is used to put a bead material placed between the two pieces of plastic and then each section is pressed together immediately. Some types of bead materials that are used include:

  • Santoprene
  • Polyurethane
  • Polysulphone
  • Polyethersulphone

High Frequency Welding

With this type of technique, the surface of each piece of plastic is heated and joined together using electrodes from a high frequency electrical generator.

Gas Welding

With this type of plastic welding, pincher contact rails are used to weld the pieces of plastic together. Each piece of plastic is placed between two contact rails and then heat is applied to the plastic. Pressure is then applied that will fuse each piece together.

You can find courses online to learn how to do plastic welding or you should be able to find some vocational schools in your area. For more information, talk to a professional like MGM Plastics.

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