Tips For Working With A Scaffolding System

Realizing that you'll need to rent scaffolding to lay bricks, paint or otherwise work on a project can cause concern if you and your crew haven't worked with scaffolds much in the past. Use the scaffolding system tips here for some guidance.

Know What Type of Scaffolding You Need

It's a mistake to assume that all scaffolding is the same and that you can order whatever is most affordable. Different scaffolds can bear different amounts of weight, so depending on the kind of work you are doing, you will have to be very specific when choosing scaffolds from a rental company. For example, if your project involves laying bricks, you may request bricklayer trestles or H frames. If you're painting, mobile aluminum trestles that hold less weight may be more appropriate.

Ensure Everyone is Licensed

It is important that you and your staff are able to minimize the chance of injury by knowing what to do on and around scaffolding. That's why it's important to only allow those with the proper licensing to climb onto scaffolds and work there. If you are working with another contractor and they'll be using their own workers, check for licensing before allowing them to work as well.

Look for Possible Problems

Of course, you'll want everything to go well once the scaffolding system is erected and work starts. However, in order for that to happen, you've got to anticipate possible problems and plan ways to avoid them. For instance, if the scaffolding will be near utility lines, plan to move work away from that area or put the scaffolding in a different place. If there's a lot of work to do on a particular level, ensure that you've rented enough scaffolds so that workers aren't standing around waiting for others to finish before they can begin.

Wear Fall Protection Gear

OSHA guidelines dictate that guardrails are required at 10 feet from the ground. However, even if you're not quite that high, it is reckless and dangerous to work on scaffolds without the right protection. Be sure to outfit everyone with the right fall protection gear that includes helmets and harnesses to comply with OSHA requirements.

Once you're able to utilize the advice given above, you and your employees will have an easier time working with the scaffolding system you've rented. For more information, discuss your project with the scaffolding rental company to ensure you've got everything you need.

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