Three Reasons For Installing Stainless Steel Bollards In Front Of Your Shop

Bollards are metal poles that are primarily used to prevent car accidents and/or moor boats. They have other uses too. If your corner boutique shop has met with some unfortunate incidents in the past and suffered losses, you may want to install a bollard or two in front of the shop windows and the door.  Here are all the reasons why your choice should be stainless steel bollards.

Stainless Steel Bollards Prevent Ram-Raiding

Ram-raiding is the phrase used to describe looters who use vehicles to bust through shop windows and then raid the shop. Bollards prevent this kind of behavior because the vehicles only end up wrapping their front ends around the bollards. Minimal damage is done to stores that have bollards.

Stainless Steel Bollards Never Show Rust

Nobody likes the idea of seeing rusty or rusting poles in front of their shops. It is unsightly, and it makes the neighborhood look run down. However, if you need bollards, and you install stainless steel ones, you will never see the rust. Stainless steel does not rust. Better still, you can powder-coat stainless steel with just about any color, making the bollards less of an industrial eyesore and more of an object that blends into its surroundings.

You Can Add Painted Details to Your Bollards to Match Your Store

A little creativity goes a long way. If your bollards are already colored via powder-coat, then you can add a little extra flair to their plain-ness. Hire an artist to paint your bollards with outdoor paint (so it does not affect the powder-coat or the stainless steel underneath), or do it yourself. Paint everything from shapes to flowers to sale advertising and store name on the bollards. Now you have added more color to the neighborhood and created more attention for your store.

Installing Stainless Steel Bollards

Before you go ahead and install these steel stump pipes, be sure you get a construction permit from the city and permission to install them. Otherwise the city may charge you and order you to remove them. If you have the go ahead, you will need a construction contractor, specifically a concrete or cement contractor. He or she has to create a hole in the sidewalks around your shop to install the bollards, and then use fresh cement or concrete to secure them. The bollards will have to be fenced off and untouched for at least a day while the concrete or cement dries.

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