Going Metric With Your Thread Plug Gauges: Three Scenarios Where It's Necessary

Thread plug gauges have multiple uses. Mostly, they are for electrical assembly, but the larger gauges may be used in industrial settings for pipe applications. Not too long ago, metric gauges started hitting American markets, even though most American uses need standard units of measurement. The following scenarios show where these metric gauges would be necessary:

Fixing British or Foreign Electronics and Appliances

More and more British items are shipped here now. There are umpteen foreign producers of electronics and appliances too, and all of them use the metric system. If you buy and sell foreign electronics and appliances in your store, you will need British thread plug gauges for repairs, or at least a very good set of metric/foreign gauges to fix these products.

Repairing Pipes with Metric Products

It is frustrating when you have equipment in the factory that needs a replacement pipe, but that size pipe is no longer sold. You could replace it with a metric pipe that is the closest in size to the standard pipe that you can no longer get. In that case, you will also need both standard and metric plug gauges to pull off this kind of pipe switch. Otherwise, you will not be able to make the replacement work, and you will cause yourself even more frustration than before.

Matching Pitch Threads to Correct Gauges

Another scenario involves metric pitch threads. Pitch threads are the screw threads on a screw or bolt, or inside a nut. Fitting a gauge to these threads for electrical purposes is hard enough without discovering that you need metric pitch threads to match up to a metric gauge. If you have enough metric gauges on hand, then you are at least prepared for the job, and you can easily find the correct gauge to fit.

Completely Lost? Ask an Expert

It is completely normal to feel lost when faced with the metric system. It is not something that Americans do every day, and when you are faced with it in your work setting, it is overwhelming. However, it is also a good learning experience because you can figure out that the next time this happens, you are not dealing with standard units of measurement; you are dealing with the metric units. When you are really lost, call the company that sells metric thread plug gauges and ask the representative what you should use next.

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