The Unique Niche Of Construction Material Supplier: What This Career Entails

Searching for a way to be part of all of the new construction in town without having to be a contractor yourself? Looking for a business opportunity within this field? Maybe you should consider opening a store/company where you are a construction material supplier. The following shows what a construction material supplier/company does, and what your job entails most days. 

Not Really in Construction, but Profiting From It

In this particular line of work, you are not actually in construction, but you profit from it. The material supplier has everything a construction contractor needs, right down to hand tools and fasteners and all the way up to lumber and steel I-beams, depending on how many different materials in which the supplier wants to do business. If you get into this field, and you want to go whole-hog, you can supply contractors that do everything from road construction to skyscrapers and more. It just depends on the different kinds of construction that are happening around you and to whom you want to provide supplies. The more various supplies you choose to provide, the bigger your profits can be. 

Preparing Ahead With a Full Inventory

If you jump into this business, you have to pay very close attention to the construction in progress. Doing so helps you order supplies and stock your warehouse with everything every contractor needs. Keeping that inventory very full is a sure-fire way to turn profits quickly. Daily totals and counts of items sold to contractors and items that will need to be reordered are par for the course. 

Providing Shipping vs. Pickup Options

Construction material suppliers typically offer one or both of these options. Contractors can send pickup trucks to gather needed supplies from the supplier's warehouse/store, or the supplier ships items to the contractor's office address. Smaller items in fewer quantities are best shipped and delivered, where larger items, such as a bundle of 2'x4's, are easier for a contractor to just pick up. As you move to open your own supply store, you can choose what you want to do in these regards, but it is generally a good idea to offer both shipping and pickup or drop-off services. 

A Word About Supplying ONLY to Contractors

Okay, so you could be a supplier providing construction supplies only to contractors in the area. You can make a lot of money that way, but there is just one problem you may encounter. What happens when building and construction heavily tapers off for a bit? Can you keep your business afloat during low to no profit times? If you cannot, you may want to consider opening the supply warehouse/store to the public and not sell to just contractors.

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