3 Reasons To Use A Hand Truck To Move Products

Shipping and receiving activities play a major role in the day-to-day operations of many businesses. Finding simple ways to streamline these processes can improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your facility.

One of the easiest ways to streamline your shipping and receiving activities is to provide employees with access to the right equipment.

Having hand trucks available to move products can provide many benefits that your employees will enjoy over time.

1. Flush Loading Platform

One of the unique benefits hand trucks provide is access to a loading platform that is flush with the ground.

Your employees will not have to lift any heavy boxes or pallets and place them onto a raised platform for transport when using hand trucks. The platform simply slides underneath the item that needs to be moved.

Once the metal frame of the hand truck is tilted backward, the weight of the load rests on the wheels of the hand truck. This design reduces the amount of physical exertion required to load and unload products throughout the day.

2. Versatile Load Capacity

Another benefit provided by hand trucks is the ability to load a wide range of items with ease. Hand trucks are uniquely suited to accommodate tall items since the metal frame provides support for tall items while the hand truck is in motion.

You can also use a hand truck to load several smaller items stacked on top of one another. This versatility allows your employees to move many different types of products while utilizing a single piece of equipment.

3. Maximum Maneuverability

The use of a hand truck gives your employees the ability to easily maneuver heavy loads through your facility. Hand trucks can maintain their stability when navigating uneven surfaces.

The large wheels on a hand cart ensure that the weight of the load remains evenly distributed. This gives your employees the ability to guide the loaded hand cart through your facility with minimal physical effort.

Improving maneuverability when moving products will help you decrease shipping and receiving times and prevent your employees from suffering any serious physical injuries.

Hand trucks are versatile and useful pieces of equipment that should be present on every commercial loading dock.

Hand trucks will reduce the amount of effort required to load products, give your employees the ability to move products of all shapes and sizes, and maximize the maneuverability of products through your facility.

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