3 Reasons To Use Metric Fasteners, Not Imperial Fasteners

When it comes to purchasing fasteners, one of the many choices you will have to make is what type of measuring system you want the fasteners to be based on. You are going to have to decide if you want to use either metric or imperial measurements. Imperial fasteners use imperial units, such as inches, feet, and yards. Metric fasteners use metric measurements, such as millimeters, centimeters, and meters.  

When building a device or machine, there are pure advantages that come with using metric fasteners instead of imperial ones. 

Globally Used Measurement 

If you want your product to be used outside of the United States, metric fasteners make the most sense, as global units of measurement are metric. That means that if you send your product to other countries and they have to replace a fastener, they will be able to do so when you use a metric fastener easily. If you have to communicate how to fix a component, it will be easier for them to get replacement parts and use your measurements and information when you use a global measurement method. If you have to collaborate on building the product with others around the globe, using metric measurements for the fasteners and other parts will make collaboration easier.  

Fewer Errors 

When you use metric fasteners, there will be fewer errors when you release your product around the world or collaborate with others around the world. People are more likely to have the right tools to work on the fasteners, and it will be easier to work together on your creation. Using metric measurements for your project will result in fewer errors when you release your product globally. 

Easier Subdivision 

One of the best things about metric measurements is that they are all easily dividable by units of ten. When you are working with building something, even a tiny amount of space can make a difference. With metric measurements, you can get the measurements precise and easily scale your measurements up and down using units of ten.  

When it comes to using fasteners, you can easily do so if you need to scale the fastener up. If you need to scale it down, you can easily do so. It will be easy for you to try out different fastener sizes with metric measurements.  

When it comes to building a product that you want to release globally or just in a few other countries outside of the United States, it makes sense to use metric fasteners. They are based on a global unit of measurement, which allows for fewer errors and easier scaling up and down. Your product will be more accessible to a larger audience when you base the measurements and parts on the metric system instead of the imperial system.  

Reach out to a company that sells metric fasteners for more information.

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