Welding Helmets — Accessories And Storage

Your new welding helmet will keep your head and face protected throughout your welding career. Keeping extra helmet accessories on hand, plus investing in a storage bag for your helmet are some steps to complete upon buying a new welding helmet.

Face Shields, Sweatbands, And Batteries

Face shields cover the front part of the helmet. A face shield may become covered with grime and will eventually need to be replaced. Helmet dealers sell extra shields. Keeping fresh shields on hand will prevent visual obstructions when wearing your helmet. A scratched shield should be replaced at once.

A sweatband is secured to most welding products. The band prevents perspiration from forming on a welder's forehead while actively completing a welding task. Since many welders perform work duties outdoors, there will be times when hot weather conditions will make a sweatband become dirty prematurely. Sweatband products that are designed to be secured to a welding helmet will each contain a velcro strip. The velcro will secure to the framework that a sweatband is designed to attach to.

An auto-darkening helmet will sense light from a welding arc. It will activate a liquid crystal filter, resulting in the darkening of the lens. Many auto-darkening helmet products will come equipped with batteries. An extra set of batteries should be purchased from a helmet dealer.

A Helmet Bag

A helmet bag that is designed to store a helmet will be shaped similarly to the headwear. A bag may contain interior straps or a pouch that will keep a helmet stabilized while it is being transported. Welding helmets are constructed of thermoplastic materials that have been reinforced with glass fibers. The materials are resilient to high heat but may become scratched if a helmet is not stored properly.

A helmet bag will be constructed of flame-retardant material. Some bags contain pouches and pockets that can be used for storing tools, accessories, and other essentials needed to perform welding tasks. If you transport your gear to many locations where you perform welding duties, it may be in your best interest to purchase a deluxe bag that can be used for storing and transporting the basic gear that you need for field projects.

A bag may contain a print or monogrammed design. Some bag products may come equipped with tagging materials that will allow you to label the welding equipment that you will be storing inside the bag.

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