Gonna Pump You Up! The Exciting World Of Industrial Fluid Pumps And What They Do

Industrial fluid pumps pump fluid, that is clear, but did you know that no two fluid pumps are exactly alike, or that their jobs are exactly the same? In fact, there are so many different kinds of fluid pumps used for industrial applications, and that does not include the custom fluid pumps that many companies request. Here is just a small sample of pumps and the many jobs they do.

Centrifugal Pumps

Who knew that pumps could spin? Centrifugal pumps do just that. They force liquids into spinning chambers in an attempt to either purify or separate liquids. Sometimes centrifugal pumps also pump air into chambers to make them spin harder and faster. Unfortunately, given the position of most of these pumps inside machinery, it is difficult to see them in action, plus you would probably get really dizzy.

Booster Pumps

Like a booster shot, these pumps either suck or blow extra boosts of air or liquid into or out of machines. They are ideal for processing sticky or slow-moving liquids that would otherwise get caught in one spot and not really move. So, the booster pumps create a vacuum or push system to get, and keep, these fluids moving.

Chopper Pumps

Chopper pumps chop. These twin-action pumps both pump and chop, sometimes at the same time. They are used to chop up solids and stringy materials and then pump the bits and the slurry into the next machine or chamber along the way. You can use your own imagination as to what they might chop and push/pump onward.

Cryogenic Pumps and Fire Pumps

Even with fire and ice, there are pumps to handle these jobs. The cryogenic pumps push super-cold liquid nitrogen or frozen carbon dioxide (dry ice) into chambers that surround other chambers holding a product or a biological item in need of a constant frozen state for preservation. The fire pumps do not actually spew fire; instead they extinguish them. Even so, the fire pumps are responsible for applying the necessary pressure to expel fire extinguishing agents onto fires below.

Vane Pumps

Remember the old images of spinning weather vanes and pumping machinery in the black and white versions of the Frankenstein movies? That is what vane pumps are like. They require a little wind power to spin the vanes and activate the pumps. They process thick and thin fluids in an industrial setting, without requiring an excessive amount of energy from other energy sources.

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