How To Select The Perfect Pallet Racking System For Your Operations

If your company deals with pallets on a regular basis, you need to carefully consider your racking options. There are many types to choose from today, but to help you make the right decision, you can keep this guide in mind. 

Loading Capacity

To use these racking systems safely every day, you need to know how much weight they can support. This attribute is represented by loading capacity. A racking system's loading capacity will depend on several factors, including the materials it's made of and how large it is.

If you're handling pallets with large items on top, you'll obviously need racking systems that can support more weight. You'll have to pay more for a more durable design, but these extra costs are worth preventing serious accidents from occurring. Conversely, if your pallets contain relatively small items, the loading capacity will not have to be as great.


Today, there are so many different styles you can select from when it comes to pallet racking systems. One of the most popular options is a teardrop style. It has a unique design that doesn't require any clips, nuts, and bolts during assembly. As a result, teardrop racking systems for sale are extremely easy to install and take down. These systems also let you mix and match different parts, and they don't even have to be of the same brand.

Structural pallet racks are also a great style option because they are made out of heavy-duty materials. You can rest assured your pallets -- and the products on them -- won't jeopardize the racking system's structural integrity. 


Once you've decided what type of racking system would suit your company best, you should focus on the components it has. For added safety, consider racking systems that have wire decking. It essentially expands the surface area of your racks, ensuring large pallets remain in position once properly secured. The wire material has a long-lasting design as well.

You can also enhance safety and structural support by adding row spacers to your racking system. It connects one rack to another, for uniform spacing and alignment. These spacers are made out of steel for added support and durability. 

There are so many great pallet racking systems available today. To choose a system that functions perfectly -- for a long time -- you need to keep in mind specs and features that have a large impact on your particular operations. 

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