Dealing With Boiler Issues In Your Facility

A water boiler has a lot of different uses in an industrial setting and if it breaks down it can stop the entire production process. A boiler that is not operating correctly can present some safety issues as well. If you depend on a boiler in your business setting, maintenance and repair should not be overlooked or the boiler may stop working, leaving you in a position to have to pay for emergency repairs.

Boiler Circulator Breakdowns

Most large boiler systems need to be able to move hot water or steam throughout the system and in large production facilities, the best way to do that is through high-pressure circulator pumps. The water is pumped from the boiler through a system of pipes to be used in another part of the facility. Often the system is a closed-loop and the boiler is used to produce hot water that provides heat for a process the company is doing or to heat the plant and keep the temperature comfortable for people working inside. 

If the circulator pump stops working, there is no way to get the hot water where it needs to go. The circulator pump on the system may need replacing and in order to do that, the boiler will need to be taken offline and the system drained so the plumber working on it can remove and replace the pump. Circulator pump failures are not common, but of all the repairs that you will need to do on a boiler, they are high on the list of breakdowns. 

Maintaining Your Boiler

The best way to avoid a breakdown with your boiler system is the regular service of the unit. The burner should be checked and cleaned so that it produces dependable and efficient heat in the firebox. The heat exchanger inside the boiler needs to be inspected to make sure it is not cracked and is clean as well. And the circulator pumps need regular maintenance to ensure they run properly. 

Hiring an industrial plumbing and heating company for boiler repair is the best solution but make sure they are comfortable with the type of system you are using. You can have them come and look over the system to be sure it is something they can maintain, then set up a schedule for the company to come out and check the boiler. Very large companies may have a boiler technician on staff in the maintenance department but you will have to determine if that is a viable solution for your and your company. 

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