Brewing Essentials While Traveling

A French press, a drip coffee maker, and a portable grinder are some brewing essentials that you may need when taking your caffeine-making capabilities on the road. If you will be enjoying coffee solo or sharing brewed beverages with your co-workers and family members, the following products will aid with preparing some excellent caffeinated beverages. 

A French Press

A French press is a hot beverage maker that can be used to prepare coffee, expresso, cappuccino, and hot chocolate. This type of unit requires that water is heated up beforehand. A drip coffee maker can be used to prepare plenty of hot water. An electric kettle or an immersion heater can also be used to heat water. The use of a French press involves a plunging and straining process.

First, ground coffee beans or powdered chocolate should be placed inside the brewing chamber. The user will have full control of the water-to-bean/chocolate ratio. Next, the plunger should be engaged. While the grounds or chocolate powder granules are submerged, the hot water will infiltrate the brewing chamber. At the end of the brewing process, the strainer will drain any impurities. The plunger can be pumped up and down, to provide a beverage with a frothy texture.

A Drip Coffee Maker

The use of a drip coffee maker may be more convenient when serving a large group of people. Drip coffee makers contain brewing vessels of varying sizes. Most drip makers will contain a chamber that will hold a single-serve coffee pod or coffee grounds. If the operator of a coffee maker is going to set up a coffee machine within a hotel conference room or another place where remote office tasks will be conducted, they may wish to prepare coffee beans the night before.

A small portable grinder is an accessory that will support grinding bean batches. A drip coffee maker may contain timing and automatic shutoff features. An industrial-grade coffee maker may be constructed of stainless steel. Since coffee equipment will be transported, the user should consider the materials and sizes of the coffee machines they contemplate buying.

A machine can remain in its original packaging when being transported. A series of portable travel mugs and storage containers can be used to serve hot beverages and transport fresh coffee, hot chocolate, and other products. Before taking a coffee maker on the road, the machine operator should accustom themselves to using it. 

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